Bioinformatics: Genomes and Algorithms

In this course, you will discover how computer science supports the interpretation of the text of genomes. Running the adequate programs, a computer may produce predictions on the location of the thousands of genes in a living organism and the functions of the proteins these genes code for.

You are not a biologist? Attending this course, you will be introduced to several entities and processes involved in the interpretation of the genomic texts: cell, chromosome, DNA, genome, genes, transcription, translation, proteins and many more.

You are not a computer scientist? This course is also an introduction to algorithms on character strings: pattern searching, sequence similarity, Markov chain models, or phylogenetic tree reconstruction are some basic algorithms which are implied in genome sequence analysis and will be explained.

You are neither a biologist nor a computer scientist? This course is a great opportunity to a joint approach to genomics and algorithmics, or if you prefer, to algorithmics and genomics.


A scientific culture will make easier the understanding of the notions studied.

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Début du Cours : 02 nov 2015
Fin des cours : 05 déc 2015
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